Choose delicious fruit organically grown and closer to nature

Why Organic
While it’s a lot of extra work and expense, an organic farm creates a beneficial and sustainable environment that is healthier for us and our kids. At Aloha Organic Fruit, we employ organic practices to safely enrich the land, manage water and control pests. Getting an organic certification is a detailed process that takes years. The land and our products must be free of toxins, chemicals and fertilizers. Growers must maintain extensive records...
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100% Certified Organic farmland

Mt. Garfield through the orchardThe Story of Aloha

“Aloha” means care, respect, and affection - all of which is embodied in our 100% Certified Organic farmland, where we produce premium organic Palisade peaches. Many people think that Aloha means “hello” and “good bye,” but it is much richer than that. Aloha is sending and receiving positive energy. Aloha is a feeling of depth, of putting all your efforts and heart into something meaningful....
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Stop by – we want to introduce you to the perfect peach

Farm StoreFarm Store

Eat local - shop green. Located next to our orchard, find our Farm Store packed with Aloha's fresh just-picked organic Palisade Colorado peaches, organic cherries and nectarines; Certified Naturally Grown local vegetables, cold drinks, wide array of high quality local honey & organic jams, garden salsas, lavender items...
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Agritours: take a tour at an organic farm

AgTour OrchardOrchard Tours

Knowing where food comes from is important these days. We invite you to take a free tour of our orchard so you can see for yourself how we produce such delicious, healthy organic peaches. We’ll share how organic farming is different from conventional farming as we walk the orchard. You’ll see how we manage the trees and soil...
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Media reports...

No herbicidesNo pesticides used in organic orchard

KKCO 11 News, Palisade CO | A vacation to the U.S. Virgin Islands lands a family of four in the hospital in critical condition, according to CNN. The cause is being linked to possible pesticide exposure – which is why Palisade farmer Steven Sherer does not use pesticides on his crops....
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