Harvest Schedule

Peaches Ready to HarvestOur 10 varieties of peaches allow us to harvest and ship truly tree-ripened peaches continuously from July to October. Use this schedule as a guide of when varieties typically ripen in Palisade. As nature can be unpredictable, please contact us to confirm what we are harvesting. We ship our tasty fresh peaches across the U.S. in season: ship peaches.

LEGEND: SC= Semi-cling pit; F= Freestone pit

PF # 1 SC July 10th – 20th. Medium fruit. 90% red over yellow background with excellent flavor.

Early Red Haven SC July 15th – 25th. Similar to Red Haven in color, size, flavor and texture.

Rising Star SC July 20th – Aug. 5th. Bright-orange red. Firm, non-browning flesh.

Red Haven SC July 20th – Aug. 5th. Excellent for canning and freezing. Yellow-fleshed, well-colored with brilliant red skin surface.

Blazing Star F July 25th – Aug. 8th. Firm fleshed 90% bright red peach that has great quality. Non-browning flesh is yellow.

PF 15A F Aug. 5th – 15th. Large red fruit. This variety will be available for harvest in 2013.

Red Globe F Aug. 10th – 20th. Firm, yellow flesh of very good flavor and a bright attractive skin color. Excellent for canning and freezing.

Cresthaven F Sept. 1st -12th. Fruit medium-large, with a red blush over and orange-yellow ground color. Flesh is clear, bright yellow.

J. H. Hale F Sept. 5th -15th. Large fruit. Outstanding handling and shipping peach. Yellow flesh.

O’Henry F Sept. 5th -15th. Large peach with a striping tendency. Ground color is a medium yellow-green with a nice red blush over top. Flesh is firm with high sugar content.

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