The Story of Aloha

With care, respect and affection – we produce premium organic Palisade peaches on our 100% Certified Organic farmland

Heather Morton Burtness grew up on one of Colorado’s first organic farms in Palisade. Her parents David and Mary Morton were pioneers, exploring how to grow high quality peaches without the frequent 2 – 3 week spray schedule that was typical of the time. In 1993 Morton’s Orchards were Certified Organic by the state of Colorado, and in 1996 by the USDA. As Farmers Markets became popular across Colorado, more health-conscious people wanted certified organically grown fruit from Morton’s.

In 2017 Heather and husband Joe Burtness increased their organic fruit production with the purchase of the beautiful Aloha Organic Fruit orchards nurtured for years by Steven and Pat Sherer. This 4000 tree acquisition, along with sister company Morton’s Organic Orchards, demonstrates the Burtness family’s continued commitment to providing the highest quality organic fruit across Colorado.

Organic fruit growers Heather Burtness and dad Dave Morton
Heather Morton Burtness with dad Dave Morton at a Farmers Market with delicious fresh organic fruit.

The Burtness family – which includes three active daughters – continues the “aloha” tradition of putting their hearts and efforts into something meaningful, with careful stewardship for good health of the land, life and water.

As Heather says, “It is our life’s work to feed people. It is with decades of experience that we care for the earth and choose organic, sustainable agricultural practices to feed people well.”