Warm Days Means Early Harvest

baby peaches in may
Baby Palisade peaches in May at Aloha Organic Fruit


Aloha farm store opens in 2 weeks with the arrival of local organic apricots and cherries. Stay tuned!

As winter gives way to spring and summer, we have been fully occupied with caring for fruit trees. Starting in January, we prune the trees in a Y shape to allow sunlight into the center, so fruit will ripen. In April frost is always a concern. The temperature dropped to 25 degrees for 2 hours one night. We ran the wind machines which increase the temperature in the orchard by 5 degrees.

A cold snap can be devastating, or it can be Mother Nature’s way to help thin fruit, like it was this time. To get the size of peach desired, we eliminate some of the competition by removing fruit by hand, leaving a 4 to 6 inch space between the remaining tiny marble-sized peaches.

We planted 320 Cresthaven baby trees. It will take the trees three seasons before you see their peaches in our store. Youwill see our new PF15A (Paul Friday 15A) peaches in early August. They are in their “third leaf” and we will harvest these nice big red peaches for the first time.

Who can remember a windier May? Water is on everyone’s mind. Snow pack was low, rainfall is at a third of normal, the ground is dry, and winds sap moisture from the plants. So we irrigate more… and it’s a drought year.

People comment on our tidy orchard, as we keep it well-mowed. While the vegetation provides top soil and moisture retention, keeping it short removes pest habitat.

By May, the orchard has already been sprayed 5 times with organic products like calcium and kelp nutrients to feed the trees and dormant oil to protect them. We made it through the spring in great shape and expect a good crop this year.

Bicyclers – stop by for some Aloha! Ride the Fruit & Wine Byway. We’re at mile marker 17


First Graders agritour
A group of eager first graders from Fruita learned how peaches grow at Aloha recently. Bring your group or visitors for an Agri-tour this summer.


Take an Agri-tour at Palisade’s Aloha Organic Fruit

See how organic farming differs from conventional farming and how we produce top quality, healthy and sweet peaches. Call to schedule a tour Mon-Fri, from 10-5, 970-361-5913.Take an Agri-tour soon and you’ll see peaches already the size of fuzzy golf balls!


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  • Palisade Bike Festival, June 9
    Fruit & Wine Bike Tours – 3 scenic tours on paved roads
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